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place of intrest

lesure and sports

Elbe-Ice stadion in Brokdorf

lesure- and wildlife parks
     Hansapark in Sierksdorf
     Heidepark in Soltau
     Zoo Hagenbeck
     wildlife park Nindorf-Hanstedt
     wildlife park Schwarze Berge

helicopterrides over Hamburg and the Elbmarschen

Balloon Adventure Hamburg

The husky-team Hüttener Berge is a family business and convinced of the Fellson-Rudel. As a passenger you could enjoy a drive with a team of dogs. An unforgettable adventure!


Radtouren about Glückstadt and bike rental outlet

Open air swimming pool, beach and spa
     beach Kollmar
     beach park Elmshorn
     open air bath Krempe
     Salon Sabine